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The Winds of Winter- Latest Update #1

I started watching Game of Thrones 6 years ago when there were only 4 seasons. Lucky for me I’m an avid reader and as soon as I was done watching the series, I started reading ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’. But my luck remained short lived. The last book from the series came out in 2011 and R.R. Martin has been keeping his readers on the edge ever since.

In the latest update by the author himself, the book is set to release next year, 2021. If I were you, I wouldn’t get my hopes up too high, because this won’t be the first time the author promises and fails to deliver.

Other than the main books in the ASOIAF, George R. R. Martin has also published novellas and novels set in the same world, some providing a detailed history of Westeros, and some prequels to the world we’re now binging on. Some of these are ‘Tales of Dunk and Egg‘ and ‘The World of Ice and Fire

Coming back to the Winds of Winter, besides the tentative year (yes, year. He can’t be trusted) Martin has also provided some insight into the second last installment of the series. Those who’ve been keeping up with both the author and the tv series know that Martin was not happy with how the show changed after the 4th season and how it ended. (We weren’t happy either)

In the first 4 seasons, Martin played an active role in the production and cast-selection of the show. This, however, did not continue. The lack of his presence behind the scenes became evident as the show picked up an independent vision. The subtraction of several storylines, Lady Stoneheart being the biggest one according to the author himself, did not sit well with the viewers as well.

This is exactly why readers are so desperately waiting for the book. The show, as it ended, left many questions, and in plain, simple words was rubbish. No hate to the actors, but the show began as one of the best pieces of content ever created. As it was coming to an end, things went downhill, leaving masses disappointed.

Besides Lady Stoneheart, the story of Bran as the Three-Eyed Raven (Three-Eyed Crow in the book) remains hardly touched in the shows. The transformation of Bran remains the central point of the story, and yet, we see little parts of it and that too, seemed to be rushed. As promised by the author, The Winds of Winter focuses on Bran.

We’ve seen how he can warg into people’s minds, all stark children have that power to some extent. In this installment, we’ll get to read about the potential of his powers, how Hodor will play his role in this transformation, and whether there a dark side to these powers?

I guess we’ll just have to wait. We’ve seen what happens when a story is rushed. All we can hope for is a better means to an end, I’m sure the author is highly capable of providing that, not that the show set a very high standard anyway.

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