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Author Focus


Storytellers have one job. They have to paint their stories beautifully and ardently on the minds of readers. It seems simple enough, yet so many authors fail to do it. Every now and then we see new authors coming into the market, and it seems almost everyone can write romance now. But how many stories do you remember? or, how many stories are worth remembering? In this quest of remembering stories and their authors, either good or bad, Binge Mad’s Author Focus sub-category is at your service
Not everyone can be as melancholic as Murakami, or as provocative as Manu Joseph. We might never read anything as magical as the worlds Rushdie paints, or something out of this world, as Kafka wrote. Like drop after drop eventually fills the sea, every book is a drop in the sea of stories.

It depends upon the readers, which kind of book they like since all authors write in different genres. As memorable and ‘a work of art’ as Faulkner’s work may seem, it’s just not every reader’s cup of tea.

This is where Binge Mad comes in. We understand readers’ choices, being very specific about the books we read ourselves. In Author Focus, we focus on authors. How they write, what they write, why they write what they write, and whether their writing is worth reading or not.

Through Author Focus, we aim to bring forth authors, some world-famous and some who deserve to be world-famous. We’ll be discussing their books, their style of writing, their famous works, philosophy, and outlook towards writing.