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Book Club Things


Every reader has a book, an author they love. They read the same book over and over and pride over the fact that they’ve read all the books by said author. We’ve been there too. This inspired us to create a Book Club Things sub-category on our website.
We’ve also felt happiness beyond measure when we find someone just as passionate about our favorite books. With Binge Mad’s Book Club sub-category, we want to share our experiences, our ‘to-be-read list’, what we thought went well for the book, and where it lacked, among many other things. In short, a book club with our readers.

Have you ever been part of a book club? attended a meeting? In simple words, a book club is a group of people discussing books. In each meeting, they discuss the book all members are reading, things they like and dislike, and books they’re likely to read in the future. It is a communion of sorts, except our topic of discussion is books. In this sub-category, we will talk about books with our readers. We’ll share our, as well as your experiences, opinions, and thoughts on different books through the ages.

As grand as this world of literature is, sometimes magnificent sometimes morbid, it seems difficult to find books we can resonate with. Very few books are capable of moving its reader or are strong and passionate enough to leave an impact. Join us on our literary journey, finding and sharing memorable stories on our way.