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Why are books so important?

There can be many cliched answers, ‘books are little treasures’, or they are gateways to different worlds, but the answer is quite simple. Books make you feel. Every person likes a certain genre or several genres, and literature does not disappoint. We won’t either. From the must-read classics to modern lit, we at Binge Mad aim to bring the grand, dramatic, and some times the morbid world of literature to our readers.

In a growing world with growing thoughts, ideas, and emotions, there always seems to be a book to be read. For a busy mind, a mind seeking solace, a mind seeking ways to succeed, or a mind just in need of a break, there is always a book to be read. The advantages of books are many, but sometimes you just need a book to feel good.

The people running Binge Mad are avid readers and honest critics. Having no shelf control and an eclectic taste in books, they have good knowledge and experience where reading and books are concerned.

So rest assured and leave the hassle of having to select a good book out of the lot to them. As Binge Mad grows, the people behind it hope to incorporate books of every genre for every mood.

Everyone has a story to tell, but is everyone is a storyteller? in fact, is every storyteller a good one? Binge Mad brings forth storytellers through the ages. From Shakespeare and Hemmingway to Manu Joseph and Aravind Adiga, you’ll be introduced to stories worth reading and remembering.