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Words and Wordsmiths

Words and Wordsmiths is a place for writers. Binge Mad is an attempt to make writers understand their art better and create a community of more informed professionals.

In Words and Wordsmiths, writers can access content that helps them improve their craft. A lot of times writers trust advice from charlatans and frauds online who don’t actually know what it’s like working in the real world. In this category, our team of writers talks about their experience working as writers in the industry.

Here you will find our team generally giving very candid advice to young writers. You will find our Words and Wordsmiths page filled with tips going against conventional wisdom. Mind you, the advise our team gives is based on its collective wisdom and experience. We don’t tell you to follow our counsel lockstep and barrel.

However, we do hope our words of advice help you see a different side of the story.

Making it as a writer is not easy because there are no fundamental laws involved. Generally, writers who find success do so by putting themselves at the mercy of the world and hoping their talent and hard work gets them through. Our Words and Wordsmiths page talks about these stories as well.

You will not always find inspiration on the Binge Mad Words and Wordsmiths page. Sometimes, you will get hard advice. This comes straight from our writers who may use a stronger tone because the subject demands the same. Even if you don’t like our advice, you can always assume it’s authentic and based on our own convictions.